Why Birth Photography?

Every family has their own beautiful story to tell and I love being the one to express that story in photos.  There is nothing more memorable than capturing a man becoming a father as he sees that new gift of life for the first time, or a woman becoming a mom when she finally gets to meet this precious little person that she had been anticipating.  Those are moments to capture, treasure, and share.

Several years ago, some close friends asked me to be the Godmother to their first child and if I would come and document the birth.  I was so honored, and yet at the same time, I was terrified.  Me? Really?!

I had never done anything like that, and I was nervous about being in an unknown environment.  The mom was nervous too because a woman's labor is a very intense and intimate experience.  We were going to cross a major threshold in our friendship, were we both ready for this?  This couple loved my pictures and knew that I had a very discreet approach to my photography.  They assured me that no matter what, this would be an unforgettable experience, and they were right. My first birthing experience was one of the most amazing events I had ever had the honor to watch and capture. This couple that I had watch grow up, get married, had now transformed again into a family right before my eyes.  

Shortly after, another friend was pregnant with her second child. The pictures from her first child being born were taken by a someone in the room.   While those photos showed what happened, I knew I could do a better job at really capturing the moment.  So, I asked if I could take pictures at her second child's birth.  She was thrilled.

This has led to many other families giving me the honor of capturing that very special moment of when a couple becomes a family for the first time or when the next newest addition brings even more joy to the expanding family.

Even though I have chosen not to have children, I still marvel at the wonder and miracle of bringing a new life in to the world.  It is a privilege each time for me to capture one of the most amazing and intimate moments a family will ever experience.  Every family has their own unique story to tell.


If you are interested in have your birth story documented, please contact me about pricing and scheduling.  Due to the nature of birth photography, I can only schedule a few a month, so contact me early if you want to reserve a spot.