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Day 01 - The Journey Begins.

Travel is an interesting thing to do. Your whole adult life is spent working, sleeping and eating and as you get older you spend more and more time trying to 'better' your life.  You buy  a bigger TV, a better bed, a nicer car. You remodel your kitchen you build a new deck or you landscape your yard. In short you try to make home better, and then we leave it for vacation.

Why do we do this? One reason could be to broaden our horizons. To meet new people, see new sights, or try new foods. It could be to explore historical sights or to immerse yourself in the arts. Whatever reason you choose it is almost a universal drive that we have to LEAVE all that we have carefully crafted to be comfortable and to go places that are more often than not LESS desirable then our own homes.

Or… is this OUR distorted reality?  Is this because when we travel we tend to be very frugal. We don't tend to go to "resorts", instead we stay in hotels, or even motels. We tend to go to places for the sights, the history, or the art and not choose a location because of the cuisine or the thread count of the sheets, so for us, travel is usually a downgrade from our day to day life.

And yet we do it.

One of the things that we have almost universally found as we travel is that its the tiny experiences that leave the longest impressions with us. The strangers in Sydney, the wild animals that you can lay down and nap with or the locals who invite you for a day on their yacht. Maybe its the history, the architecture or art. The one constant is that its almost always something that we didn't plan on seeing, that we didn't know we were going to see. 

In short its about discovery.

And so that is the theme of THIS trip.

For the next 30 days we will wander. We have no agenda, no reservations and very few commitments. We are going to let the road tell us where to stop and where to linger. We are on an all out quest for those tiny moments that will no doubt sink into our psyche and our being and become the subject of new stories and memories.

Route 66 is more than a road. Its a bit of US history that, ironically enough, for the very reason that it was abandoned has become a tourist attraction. For decades it was the gateway to the west. A paved road that allowed travelers to safely make a journey that just decades before its creation took the life of so many.

Today we have alternatives. We could fly and deal with the "TSA Theater" or you could jump on an Interstate Highway and blast by everything or… you could do what we are choosing to do.

Go slow.


Stop when we want and drive when we are bored.

We have 2500 miles to travel in 30 days.  Technically thats less than 100 miles day if don't stop anywhere… (which I'm sure we'll do).  

If you want to join us, great. If not, you can enjoy the comfort of YOUR sofa, YOUR TV and YOUR bed at YOUR home. I'm sure we'll be happy to get back to our home when this is all over.


Packing for our Route 66 Road Trip