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Day 07 - St. Louis is by a river.

The St Louis Arch is something of a photographic peculiarity. You are inextricably drawn to it and want to walk toward it and see it up close but it is so big if you ARE to close you can't shoot the whole thing. I normally shoot with a 16-35mm f2.8 lens on the 7D and Beth's lens of choice is the 24-70mm f2.8 on the 5DMK2. Since the 5D has a full frame sensor the 16mm is usually too wide for Beth's taste. As we got closer I could tell she wanted to change lenses so I gave her the wide lens. I'm glad I did, her pictures are great.

The arch is about 630 feet tall, I've heard 640 and 634. I couldn't help but think that if you stretched it out and stood it upright it would be a REALLY tall building.

View of old city hall (in the middle with the dome) from the top of the arch.

I think I took about half a dozen photos of people standing in front of this sign at the top, even directing some people to readjust their framing to include the sign in the shot... I hate the idea of people having crappy vacation photos.

Thats the 24-70 on the Canon 7D.

As for scale... the brown is the Mississippi River, the little red square down there on the barge... thats a helipad for a helicopter tour that flies around the arch. Yea, thats a long ways down there.

After the arch we headed to "Blueberry Hill". What a great burger/music/bar hang out. The owner was there, hanging out and 'running the joint' from his apparent favorite seat at the bar. I happened to notice that the workers were young, hip, trendy kids that frankly, all seemed to really dig their jobs. Hanging on one of the walls in one of the theme rooms was a staff photo from 2009 and what a HUGE staff this place had, had to be at least 70 people in this photo. Also, how many restaurants have staff photos taken together? Anyway, they had one many awards for "Best Burger", "Best Fries", "Best Onion Rings" etc... The secret... simple.. a burger made from a hand made patty... try it sometimes... it helps!

Wanting to be prepared for Jon's birthday tomorrow I realized the only suitable place to shoot a "happy birthday" message was at the arch... which was about 8 miles back at the river... as much as I hate backtracking, we just had to do it... so we returned to the arch to shoot Jon's video which you can see at the beginning of Day 9.

Another Route 66 institution. Frozen custard at Ted Drewes. As we were walking up to get inline I overheard one little girl say to her parents as they were walking away with their order, "I want to meet Ted Drewes someday"

This photo caused a couple who was sitting near by to ask the obvious question... "why you takin' a photo of that custard on the hood of your car?" Cuz we can!