Day 11 - Bass Pro Shop is big.

The road is getting the best of us, well, mostly our clothing. Yep it was the first laundry day of the trip. We had chosen the motel we are at because it had free laundry service, which, in theory sounded really nice except that there were only 2 washers and dryers and they were kind of small... we opted instead to drive down the road, actually it just so happened to be further down 66, to do our laundry at proper facilities with larger machines.

After the laundry trip we headed over to the number one tourist attraction in all of Missouri, The Bass Pro Shop. According to the article in the motel tourist magazine 4,000,000 people visited the 300,000 square foot retail mega structure while only 2,000,000 visited the St. Louis Arch last year. We can now say we've seen them both.

300,000 square feet of things I don't need... but amazing to see none the less.

Who's the dummy now??

Insert your own "bare/bear" joke here.

Yes this WAS the day after the iPhone 4 announcement. 

The next morning we heard a news report that this Solo Cup factory was going to be shut down, 3,000 jobs lost... ouch. We just happened to stop to take this photo on our way back from Bass Pro Shop.

We decided to spend 2 nights in Springfield Missouri because of the predetermined and prescheduled things we had agreed to do on the trip. Basically we had planned on being in Texas on the 19th which means we have nearly 2 weeks before we get there. We also planned a few other things to do like, visit the Owens in Tulsa and we also decided to throw in a music festival in Joplin Missouri. (Mostly because it has a brief mention on the song.)

The bottom line is that once we are done in Texas, we are two thirds of the way thru our budgeted days and less then half way thru the miles we need to cover. I guess we'll be picking up the pace later in the trip.

Oh, well... nothing to do about it so we may as well enjoy the slow now.

We finished off the day by catching the last 3 episodes of "The Mentalist" for the season. Before we left home we had transferred a bunch of stuff off the HD TiVo onto Beth's computer.


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Reader Comments (2)

Your father would have loved that hat!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterTerry Fenwick

I kind of like the Fishing Vest and Waders you were wearing in that picture Chris.

Thursday, June 10, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJoe Stennet

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