Day 06 - Bloomington, IL - St. Louis, MO

Well, we thought we were going to stop in Springfield and although we did "stop" there we didn't spend the night. Instead we decided to push thru and make it all the way to St. Louis. More on that later.

We drove a lot of road that looked just like this today and never once saw a toll plaza.

Second of the "Illinois Giants" in Atlanta, IL.

Believe it or not, we ran into Julie and David at 3 different stops today. First was at the Sirup stop in Funks Grove, second was at this old collection of Gas Station stuff and later in the day we saw them at Cozy Drive In hot dog stand. I doubt we'll see them again but would love the opportunity. BTW... they were from Quebec.

Embracing the name... after 47 years.

Lincoln's tomb in Springfield.

Stopped by Lincoln's Tomb and spent some time there. The tomb was designed and built within 7 years of his death.

This neon Route 66 sign is in the window of Cozy Drive In. Its been there since 1950 and has been run by one family the whole time. It has a great collection of Route 66 memorabilia. The owner also is credited with inventing a device to dip corn dogs into the oil to cook better. On the wall was a history of the various devices he had created over the years.

The third of the "Illinois Giants" in Springfield. We had to back track a little bit, not much, to get this one at the tire center in Springfield. Chris was navigating and not as good at noticing all the fun attractions in the guide books... (take note Jay Norton, we'll be discussing this in Texas!)

There is about 1.5 miles of Old Route 66 between Chatham and Auburn made entirely out of brick. Yet another 'backtrack attraction', missed another one and had to make another u-turn.

This is an old bridge over the Mississippi that was closed years ago but bought by a tour company and now is used only by pedestrians and bicycles. The "Chain of Rocks" bridge is over a mile long and is the longest 'pedestrian' bridge in the US. Believe it or not, we missed the exit for this too!!! Today our "u-turn meter" was pretty much pegged.


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Reader Comments (5)

Lovin' all of it. Especially, of course, your new love for Tipton. I don't think we ever mentioned that for a few days we though about Loyal Tipton for you. My Mother really liked that. I just knew, having been Glenna Claire and not liking my name - it was not my personality ever - that I could not saddle you with a name like Loyal. However, it is a beautifu and most faithful name. Imagine this Ellect Loyal Tipton Fenwick for Senator. Illinois born and bred (for 3 months!)

I can see that you have genes from the midwest for sure. The things you are appreciating amaze me and they remind me of Tim a lot. He loves Illinois. You need to collect matchboxes on your way home - laughing. Do they still have them?

Thought of one thing during the night, as I wrestled with my bed that won't go up or down - need to fix it - the reason your Great Great Grandfather Benjamin Franklin chose that grave site so far removed from others - off and way back - was consistent to the property he owned in Fithian. He probably was a control person (where we get it!!!) and did not want people behind him - think about that. I don't know the oldest people in the cemetery but . . .he and Tipp were both loners. You do know Auntie Maybelle Claire Meade Walley was Tipp's sister, right. She was my mentor for life.

Saturday, June 5, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterTerry Fenwick

What's the deal with Lincoln's nose being all shiny and gold? And... did you walk the entire mile pedestrian bridge? :-)

Saturday, June 5, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJoe Stennet

Joe - It looks like the nose is shiny because everyone likes to rub it. Chris thought it would have been more interesting if everyone had decided to touch his lips instead.

We got to the bridge and I only got to walk part of it. Chris was "watching the car" (lazy?) and stayed in the parking lot.

Sunday, June 6, 2010 | Registered CommenterBeth Fenwick

Hey guys, just wanted to say it's neat to watch your journey. I love photography, too, and like a lot of the unique shots.

Did you do any research on the CofR bridge? If not, here is a summary....I live in STL, MO, and was just there this past weekend with my kids.

Chain of Rocks Bridge - 1929-1967:
Built to carry traffic across the Mississippi River and around the downtown bustle of St. Louis, MO, this bridge was the primary crossing along Route 66. A 22 degree bend in the center of the 5,353 foot span posed a continual navigational challenge for automobiles. The bend was originally designed to allow southbound riverboats to align themselves with the current, slide between the bridge’s piers, and avoid the midstream water intake towers that supply St. Louis with fresh water….quite the engineering feat for 1929.

Chain of Rocks earned it’s name from the rocky rapids that made this stretch of the Mississippi River extremely dangerous to travel. A low water dam has since been built to provide adequate depth for river traffic with the rocky shoal only partially visible, today, in low water periods.

The bend in the bridge, however, proved too be too much of an imposition for road traffic, and the bridge was permanently closed in 1967. The bridge feel into disrepair, and also became the location for several murders. Today, though, the Chain of Rocks Bridge is only open to foot and bicycle traffic thanks to the renovation of the area by a national trailway company’s efforts to preserve the site. It now serves as a monument to both modern engineering and The Mother Road, Route 66, and sits on the National Register of Historic Places.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterChip

I'm an amateur photographer originally from Tulsa but living just outside Springfield IL now - so I'm pretty familiar with Route 66. (i have an album of nothing but photos of my motorcycles parked in front of various Route 66 landmarks.) One of the comments above was from Joe Stennet asking about Lincoln's shiny nose. You were correct in explaining that it was because tourists always rub it - but I just wanted to add they're doing it for "luck". Not sure why that got started as anyone who knows anything about Mr. Lincoln would not have called him lucky in any sense of the word! I enjoyed seeing the posted photos of landmarks in our area that you found. Wish I could of found out about your trip a little ahead of time and gave you a few more spots to see. This part of the country is rich with them. Springfield does have a very nice (and affordable!) Route 66 festival each year in late Sept. so if your interest continues, I'd recommend you come back for a visit!

Monday, August 9, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterBluegrassBoy

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