Day 28 - 112 degrees is hot.

Route 66 is intoxicating and it has the ability to draw you into it. Today we were really happy that we let the road win.

We had fully intended to keep up with our faster pace to keep on track but we had a big decision to make today. When we got to Seligman we had to decide. Do we take the old Route 66 or the new Interstate 40. Luckly Beth had done some reading and knew we really would like Seligman. Frankly, we could have probably spent a day in Seligman. My friend Tad who wrote "Listen to the Rain" had told us we had to stop in at  Delgadillo’s Snow Cap Drive-In.

As is the case on Route 66 you let the road tell you what you want. I had NO INTENTIONS of getting ice cream when I walked into the Snow Cap... I'm so glad I asked for a scoop. You go for the food, you leave after the show.

The town of Seligman is dominated by the Delgadillo dynasty and perhaps one of the most important people in all of Route 66 history is Angel Delgadillo. Unfortunately Beth and I didn't get a chance to meet Angel and he is probably one of the main reasons that we will return to the Arizona portion of Route 66.

Angel has a facinating history when it comes to the old road. When the State of Arizona was putting the interstate thru Angel approached the officials and told them, "Route 66 is America's main street and the new interstate will kill America's main street and if the main street dies the side streets will go next". They didn't listen to Angel and very shortly after the interstate was completed they realized that state tax revenue was falling off drastically.

Knowing that something was wrong they approached Angel and asked what could be done to fix things. Angels solution was to tell the state to create the Arizona Historic 66 Association, put Angel in charge of it and to leave him alone and let him run it as he saw fit. Soon after the formation of the Association all the other states followed suit.

We just so happened to take a photo of Angel and Vilma's gift shop but we failed to go in and say hi. Next time, we'll make sure to make a visiit. If you read carefully on the side of the Green truck you can see their names on the door.

We stopped in Kingman for lunch at Mr D'z Route 66 Diner which has a really cool vibe and great art direction. Even though it was 1:30PM I ordered breakfast. They had great hash browns, just the way I like them.

Mr. D'z was an old building with new art direction and had a great 50's vibe to it.

After you leave Kingman the road turns into Oatman Highway and eventually leads you to Cool Springs which supposedly is the inspiration to Radiator Springs in the "Cars" movie. When you leave Cool Springs (after hearing all about the Claude Van Damme movie that was shot there) you take on the most windy part of Route 66 thru the high desert.

Cool Springs was once a stopping off point for travelers that had to make it thru the desert without the benefits of a Chrysler 300 like we have. They would arrive and rest up in small cabins during the heat of the day and then, when night fell, they would head out to cross the desert. WOW... I can't even imagine what that would be like.

As a matter of fact on this trip I  have become a bona fide gas user. We often will leave the car running at stops so that the AC will continue to run, I'm somewhat surprised we haven't had any problems with the car.

After the windy party past Cool Springs you come into Oatman. This town is like Frontier Land in San Jose use to be, but its all real. Wild burrows wander around on the road and walk right up onto the sidewalks. All over town you can buy a bag of carrots for a $1.00 to feed the burrows. Just don't spend anytime standing behind them... they DO kick on occasion.

Sometimes the burrows just don't want to believe you are out of carrots.

Oatman pours out of the foothills down to the Colorado river and that means CALIFORNIA... thats right, we're home, at least, we're back in California.

When we pulled over into Needles to spend the night, the temp on the car gauge... 112 degrees.

We went to dinner at the Wagon Wheel and Tiffany, our waitress, told us that the locals don't even really consider 112 to be all that hot... Many talk about the 128 degree days and Tiffany claims it has been over 130. The internet on the other hand says the hottest day on record is 125... I don't care... I don't really want to experience anything over 112 again.

We had a nice chat with Susan, the woman who owns The Wagon Wheel. I got to give her a tour of the iPhone and what that's all about and we even gave her a little lesson in how to white balance your camera to shoot interiors of her resturant. we'll have to watch and wait and see if the input helped...

Oh, by the way, the food was great and the company was awesome... we'd go back there anytime.

Check it out when you are in town.


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The town of Oatman looks cool... I used to love Frontier Village when I was a kid. And I must say, that ice cream cone at Sno Cap looks very tasty!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJoe Stennet

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