Day 23 - Return to the road.

Sunday morning, Fathers day, we left Fort Worth to get back on the road. We had breakfast at another Waffle House with Jay and Michelle and the "Robot Monkey Girl" and then hit the road. Of course about 5 minutes later we figured out we left our pillows back at the house so we headed back. Arg!!

This part of the drive was not about discovery it was really about getting back north to Route 66. It was about 205 miles to get back to where we had left off so we just powered thru it and we really wanted to make some progress on the days drive as well. So when we hit Oklahoma City we headed west.

But first a few sights.. The Capital Building will do.

As we left Oklahoma City headed west we got out on the road again to the sights that we had grown accustomed to. We've really grown to love these old Motel signs... and they are everywhere.

Yukon Oklahoma, west of Oklahoma City.

Plenty of these long original concrete stretches of the road as you leave Yukon.

When we got to Calumet we found "The Cherokee"... this place has a great story about how the family started selling roadside nick nacks 4 generations ago. They added a Resturant and eventually a Gas Station and now they have a virtual roadside empire. Luckily the land that they had developed was still very close to the new highway so The Cherokee didn't totally die when the interstate came thru.

Old bridges are another common theme you come across on this drive.

We took this shot for our friend Tad who wrote "Listen to the Rain", that we used for our Rain video.

I'll tell you, the road gets REALLY hard to follow at times... In Weatherford you have to pull down this tiny street next to the police station in order to stay on Route 66. In reallity, it feels like local towns have taken liberties with the route in order to pull you past certain 'attractions'. Maybe I'm being cynical, but that IS my observation.

Here is a portion where the old concrete comes to an end and the road stops too. On more than a few occasions you are forced to rejoin the interstate in order to continue forward.

What is really interesting about this is that WAY off in the distance, if you look really close you can see the continuation of Route 66 as you drop down into Clinton Oklahoma, cutting across this vista is the interstate.

This is the famous Route 66 Museum in Clinton. We had already decided to stop here and knew we wanted to spend the night in Clinton but we had learned a valuable lesson back in St. Louis. If you are going to spend the night in a city/town with an attaction you want to see, make sure you are staying close to that attraction. So, Instead of calling ahead and booking something and then finding out its miles from the thing you wanted to see, we decided to go to the attaction and then find a place to stay close by.

Its a cool museum, they have several rooms, each highlighting a decade of the Route, with sound files that you trigger as you come into the room. The sound files are mostly music, some sound design and audio montage stuff. The bits they have on display are great though. 

Its funny for me to go to these things because I have totally become my fathers son.  I remember as a kid pulling on my dad saying... "Come on!!! I'm BORED!!! I want to go. Can we GO YET??" My dad would get so mad at me... not because I was being a pest, AND I WAS, but because he HATED the word, "bored". He would respond with "How could you ever say that? There is soo much to learn."

Now, I'm the one who wants to walk slow, look at all the photos, wonder what the people were thinking in the photo and of the photographer who TOOK the photo and I find myself wanting to read EVERYTHING. Like I said, I've become my fathers son.

This old truck reminded me of a photo we have of my grandmother and all the kids in Fithian Illinois.

This is a portion of what is called the "Portland Concrete". You can still drive on a lot of this. but it is in the very narrow areas. Cars used to be thinner. It has a curb built into it.

As we left the museum we noticed an old motel right across the street. You see? Our strategy worked? Find the attraction you want to see first, THEN find a place to stay. We were also on the edge of town, the WEST end, so in the morning it would be an 'easy out'.

Another advantage of staying in a hotel close by, easier to do fun sunset, and twilight shots.


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