Day 16 - Sunday with friends.

Ah... It seems like just yesterday when she was born and we were all so worried and concerned that she may not make it through the night. Now we have other concerns, Yep... Kaitlyn Owens drives.... seriously she seems to be a good driver and what a great girl she has grown up into. 

Scott at work on Sunday Morning. Fun idea for a series... have people offer up their favorite songs and talk about how they integrate into their lives... This week was Kaitlyn's pick. A song called Control by Mute Math, which, as Scott pointed out, was really about surrender. I had bought it before we had left the building.

Kaitlyn at lunch, the amazing 'see in the dark' capabilities of the 5DMK2. After lunch Scott and Cindi and the kids and Beth and I went on a Tulsa sight seeing tour. Tulsa is an oil city while Oklahoma City is built on cattle. This is the Tulsa Driller, I think thats what they call him. He's really tall and he is resting his hand on an actual oil rig. Carter didn't know what I was doing when I asked him to stand here... from the rear the statue looks like he has a load in his pants... not a good design.

"ok, now... a little forward... wait... ok, back a bit... wait... there... THERE... right THERE..."

This is one of those moments... first snap, everyone piling in for the photo... I don't even think we took a second one. One thing that is undeniable... this is a tight family. It is really fun to watch them together what a great bond they all have... families take note!

I'm still not sure what this site was... a dairy or something but the Route 66 monument was cool... I guess some group paid to refurbish the sign up top. I love what Beth did to this in Aperture.

It was fun to see Cindi get excited about setting up a shot so I told her she had to "art direct" the next one. She opted for across the street... 

Beth and I wanted to be able to read Oklahoma on the Route 66 marker so we opted for a steeper low angle shot...


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