Day 13 - Baxter Springs is lazy.

Lazy in a good way. 

We decided to have a lazy day today in Baxter Springs, which, in a town like this, is really easy to do. Baxter Springs is probably the closest town to the south east corner of Kansas, a stones throw from both Missouri and Oklahoma. When we arrived the night before they asked us what time we wanted breakfast and judging by the times we had been waking up I told them that 9:30 would be great. It was.

Amy and Richard, who own The Little Brick Inn prepared a great breakfast for us. They didn't even take an order, maybe that is standard for a Bed and Breakfast place. Scrambled eggs, great pancakes, bacon and fruit and a MONSTER glass of orange juice. It was all wonderful. Turns out Richard is the chef in the Café on the Route and local caterer for events and what not. Needless to say, the food is great.

After breakfast we blogged... man I hate that word but it is what we did... Beth worked on her photos and tags and flickr descriptions and I... uh... well... OK... I napped and BETH blogged. Then, finally we headed down stairs for a late lunch in the cafe and then we decided we needed to do SOMETHING.

Even though everyone was telling us to go see the local museum, we opted for an 18 mile drive up to Columbus Kansas. I'm pretty sure Christopher Columbus never saw this part of the Americas. Not only was there a museum in Columbus to see but there was also a GIANT ball of string. (We also had another stretch of dirt road that was about 5 miles long we had to go on, how do we FIND these places?)

We felt a little ripped off by the size of the ball of string... I was hoping for something like 10 feet tall but meeting Doris, one of the women who works at the Museum and Genealogy office, made up for the otherwise anemic size of the tangled orb.

We had a great time talking with her about the past, genealogy, family history (oh you better believe I told her all about Fithian) and what I call the "digital dark ages". In a nutshell, what happens when all of our eMails and blogs and tweets and texts go away? I actually have love letters that my grandfather received from girls he 'courted' almost a hundred years ago... because its on paper and we HAVE that paper.

Anyway, we found a paved road to make our way back to Baxter Springs and as we drove into town we saw a little market and grabbed some snacks for later. Beth noticed something on the shelf we don't normally see back in Redwood Shores.

We got back to the room, we both dozed off only to be jarred out of sleep with what must have been a tornado warning siren. What is the first thing out of my mouth??? "Where's the Flip camera???" The siren didn't last as long as it took to find the Flip... even in the face of eminent danger, I just want everyone to know, we are thinking about you... and this little blog of ours.

Luckily it was a test (or a very small tornado) and we spent the rest of the evening preparing this post.

Tomorrow?? Small town America at its best.


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Reader Comments (3)

Remember the Iron Bed story? Sorghum and Molasses at night with warm bread?

Friday, June 11, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterTerry Fenwick

I remember my mom talking about Sorghum... must be a generational as well as a regional thing because she grew up in San Francisco in the 30/40's.

Saturday, June 12, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJoe Stennet

I'm almost in shock that you didn't come by the museum in Baxter Springs. I beg that some point in time you will check it out. 23,000 square feet of exhibit space on two stories covering not just Baxter but the whole tri-state area.

Friday, August 19, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJesse

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