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Brayden Garcia

After a few of false starts, Megan and Stephen welcomed there newest family member Brayden.  There were 2 trips to the hospital before the 3rd time was the charm.  He was born in the middle of the night but very healthy and the parents were exicted to meet him.




Joe's first photo shoots

One of the advantages of staying with a newborn full time, is you get to take lots pictures. I was able to set up a few phoot shoots while I was there to capture his first week of life.  His big sister is sooo in love with him (so far).

My week with Baby Joe.


Welcoming Joe Thomas

I just got back from Texas to docoument the birth of my new nephew Joe Thomas, named after my dad and my sister-in-law's dad.  His big sister Grace was so excited to meet him.  She considers him "her baby".  She is always asking "where's MY baby" and wants to look, cuddle, kiss and just love on him all the time.

Introducing Joe Thomas